Vandrélaar was founded with the distinct objective of merging timeless design with quality craftsmanship. In a world oversaturated with fashion fads and throwaway culture, we’ve taken a step back to focus on what truly matters to us - slowing the fashion cycle down by designing with integrity, producing less, and using materials that are better for the planet.

Founded by Victoria André, Vandrélaar is an anagram of her names and a nod to her European roots and international upbringing that inspire the brand’s philosophy. The Vandrélaar world is one that embraces the hybrid identities that shape all modern-day women, and strikes the right balance between effortless style, versatility and longevity.


Our footwear is designed to become permanent pieces in the modern woman's wardrobe - made to last, while celebrating the fair treatment and craftsmanship of the people that create them.


Sustainability is at the forefront of what we do - from design to delivery. Our materials are sourced from reputable European suppliers and are consciously selected for their durability, quality, and gentle impact on the environment. In our efforts to reduce waste, we produce our collections in limited quantities, avoiding stock surplus and the promotion of overconsumption. In addition to this, all our deliveries are plastic-free and carbon-neutral, as we offset each shipment on behalf of our customers.