All of our shoes are handcrafted from high-quality, durable materials. Although we’re certain they will stand the test of time, your Vandrélaars will continue to look beautiful and last longer with the right care.

Good care extends the life of your footwear!

We always recommend storing your shoes in the dust bags provided, and advise not to wear your shoes on repetitive days, in order for them to air dry between wears.


Leather and suede are porous materials, so it's best to avoid the use of greasy creams as well as getting your shoes too wet - which may permanently damage them. If your shoes are very wet, we recommend letting them dry for 24 hours, away from a heat source such as a heater or fire, before thoroughly cleaning them.

To clean leather shoes, use a soft brush or damp chamois cloth to remove any dirt. Restore shine by applying a natural beeswax shoe polish or nourishing cream to the surface, and buffing it with a brush. Make sure the polish is clear or the same colour as your shoes.

We recommend not to use water to clean your suede shoes, as this may permanently damage them. Before wearing your shoes outdoors, we advise to use a protective spray or sealant to repel dirt and moisture. To remove dirt, simply brush the shoes with a suitable suede brush. For liquid spills and stains, we recommend deep cleaning using a suede shampoo and brush.


Our European-sourced linen is breathable, hypoallergenic, and made from flax - a crop with a significantly low environmental impact. Although linen is one of the strongest natural fibres, proper care will keep it looking great for longer.

We recommend preserving your linen shoes by treating the upper with a suitable protective spray. It's best to avoid excess abrasion as this may snag the surface of the fabric and may be difficult to repair. Loose dirt can be wiped away with a soft, dry cloth. If your shoes get wet, we advise letting them dry for 24 hours away from a heat source such as a heater or fire.

Vegan Leather

We only use high-quality, European-sourced vegan leathers that have a significantly lower environmental impact than standard synthetics. In our efforts to reduce our global reliance on crude oil and petrochemicals, we've sourced animal-free leathers that are solvent-free, water-based, or made from bio-based polyols and recycled polyester. Like with any pair of shoes, proper care will ensure your vegan shoes look great for longer.

To remove dust or light dirt, clean using a soft brush or damp chamois cloth. For stubborn marks, add some dish detergent to your cloth. It's best to avoid using anything abrasive as this may scratch and damage the surface of your shoes.

After cleaning them, we recommend applying a thin layer of shoe polish or nourishing cream of your choice, and buffing with a brush. We advise to use a polish that is clear or the same colour as your shoes. Leave your shoes to dry for 24 hours away from a heat source such as a heater or fire.


It's perfectly normal for your soles to wear unevenly, as your shoes evolve with the way you naturally walk. However, with time, your soles may wear down in one specific area. When this becomes significant, it may be time for a resole.

If you notice that your soles start splitting away from the upper, it's time for a resole. This could be caused by water damage or letting your shoes dry by a heat source, such as a heater or in direct sunlight. If your shoes get wet, we always recommend letting them dry in an airy room, away from a heat source and with the soles facing upwards.

Although we don't offer an in-house repair service, we are happy to recommend some London-based cobblers. Please contact us for more information.

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